Menomonee Falls Firefighter Union says no engines were in service at one point Wednesday

NOW: Menomonee Falls Firefighter Union says no engines were in service at one point Wednesday

MENOMONEE FALLS (CBS 58) – The president of the firefighter’s union in Menomonee Falls says for part of the day Wednesday, there were no working fire engines or ladders. 

He says one was put back in service Wednesday afternoon. 

“We’re here to make sure the citizens have the protections that they pay for and I don’t have a fire truck at this station to be able to take to a fire, if there was one next door,” Kevin Myers, president of Menomonee Falls Professional Firefighters Local 3879, said speaking from one of the station's without a fire engine. 

A post on the union’s Facebook page Wednesday said there were no fire engines or ladder trucks in service as of 7 a.m. because of mechanical issues. The post was updated to say one engine was put back in service at 2 p.m.

“Definitely a matter of public concern to have a fire department with no fire engines and ladder trucks in service and available for calls is frightening,” Myers said. 

He said it has been an ongoing issue. 

“I think the village needs to take a look at its replacement schedule for vehicles. Many of our vehicles are aging they're going in for repair frequently,” Myers said. 

Village of Menomonee Falls Village Manager, Mark Fitzgerald, described the situation as a “perfect storm,” saying one of the engines was damaged in an accident last fall, and will take months to repair, and another needed brake repair. 

In a statement he said, “We currently have an Engine/Pumper in service and an aerial apparatus truck that could also be put in service as a Pumper if necessary. We do have another Engine that is being repaired at our Public Works maintenance facility, and we are waiting for a brake drum part to complete the repair. It is expected that this repair will be completed on Friday. Please understand that the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System is very well coordinated in our region. In the event of a fire emergency, our Command Staff will automatically call for a MABAS Box Alarm at this time.”

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