UPDATE: Menomonee Falls fire department problems mounting

UPDATE: Menomonee Falls fire department problems mounting

WAUKESHA COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Update: 8/21/19: According to David Glasgow, Village Board President , all five Menomonee Fire stations are now fully equipped with a fire truck and ambulance. The last remaining truck that was out of service for a water pump issue has been repaired. 


WAUKESHA COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Problems within the Menomonee Falls Fire Department continue to impact the village.

In addition to being short staffed, the department doesn't have enough fire trucks to respond to emergencies.

Union president, Kevin Myers says the problems got worse because the village hasn’t had a fire chief for about six years.

"To the vehicles breaking down more frequently to shortage of staff,” he said. “Yet nothing had been done."

Having no leader also affected staffing. On a daily basis, the department has 10 firefighters, however it should be at least 20.

“Every fire station only has two people and what that means for us is when a fire truck goes on a call, the fire truck or ambulance is then left out of service.”

Residents in town are frustrated. “People are very upset,” said Diane Harley.

At the most recent Police and Fire Commission meeting, no action was taken to name a fire chief. However, the director of Protective Services recently resigned.

“Members of the Village Board put a request to move Protective Services entirely,” Myers said. “Which would bring back a fire chief, but that takes time. Politics is at play,” he said.

In a statement to CBS 58, Village Board president David Glasgow addressed the issues. It reads in part: 

"Currently, we have 4 engines in service and will be up to 5 shortly.  One truck is in the shop for a water pump problem. And just recently the Village Board authorized the purchase of a new fire engine which we will take delivery of early next year...The Village Board recently approved the funding for turning 3 part-time positions into full-time positions and increasing the hourly wage for part time positions to provide some interim help...Our Police and Fire Commission will be starting the process for the Fire Chief position.  In the meantime, the Fire Department operations will continue to be managed by the Assistant Fire Chief as has been the case...The entire Village Board understands the concerns of the Fire Department and has already taken action and made decisions to move this in the right direction.

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