Men from Florida Caught Trying to Remove Skimmers from Gas Station

Two men from Florida were caught trying to remove an internal skimmer at a gas station in Elm Grove.

Josue M. Garcia Moret and Richard Rivera, both from Florida, were charged today in Waukesha County Circuit Court with 5 felony counts of Attempted ID Theft for Financial Gain.

On September 9, Elm Grove Police received crime alerts from area law enforcement agencies regarding credit card skimmers having been installed within gas pumps in the southeastern Wisconsin area.

Elm Grove Police alerted their local gas stations, to include Jilly's Mobil Carwash.

An employee conducted an inspection of their pumps on September 9, 2016, and discovered that 1 skimming device was installed.

Investigators, working closely with Jilly's management, removed the device and set-up an internal alarm system to notify officers of any tampering with the gas pumps.

On September 14, at 4:12 PM, the silent alarm notified officers immediately of the entry made to the targeted gas pump.

The subjects fled the scene after discovering their skimming device had been removed. Officers notified Brookfield Police who located the suspect vehicle driving west on Bluemound Rd.

The vehicle was eventually stopped at the Brookfield Open Pantry and officers took both suspects into custody.

Investigators identified the subjects who installed the device on September 1 as being the same subjects who returned to remove the device 13 days later on September 14.

Investigators analyzed the skimming device and discovered over 200 account numbers and names were stored on the device.

Both subjects appeared in Waukesha County Circuit Court this afternoon and received a $10,000 cash bail and are due back in court on September 21, 2016 at 1:15 PM.

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