Memorial Day Parades in Milwaukee, Waukesha Honor Fallen Veterans

Milwaukee Memorial Day tributes continued Monday afternoon at the city's War Memorial Center.

That was the endpoint of this year's Memorial Day Parade. All the way from the Wisconsin Center to the Lakefront spectators lined Wisconsin avenue to watch.

This year was the 151th annual Milwaukee Memorial Day parade bringing together representatives from all branches of the military including children in military-oriented service groups.

The ceremonial wreath laying happened at the end of the 10 block route. Similar wreath layings happened across the state including in Waukesha where a parade started at 10 a.m.

Waukesha Vietnam Veteran George Smalley said he uses the day to check in on people with whom he served.

"You've probably heard what is happening to a lot of us vets who are giving up. And the suicide rate is phenomenal. I lost three this year that gave up - three who I know personally from Waukesha County," Smalley said.

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