Memorial Day events around Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- Tuned up and ready to go. Boats are anchors up but that means death rates may also go up if the Coast Guard doesn't keep alcohol levels down.

Peter Boggeln with the Coast Guard is gearing up to do sobriety tests for boaters over the .08 limit.

\"There is a lot of different ways to do it, it's a lot like the local police department you'd see on the road. We have sensors and the same type of sobriety tests.\"

If you want to splash around inland Milwaukee's aquatic centers are opening Saturday at 10 including Cool Waters.

Jeff Baudry, Marketing for Milwaukee County Parks says, \"All of our aquatic parks are heated, so the water is going to be warm if the air is cool.\"

If you want to stay out of the water this weekend also kicks off the Friday Night Fish Fry and Glow Golf at area parks.

If you're hoping for something family friendly the Family Kite Festival is also on the water Saturday and Sunday and is expected to draw hundreds.

Scott Fisher, Event Organizer says, \"Actually it's a choreographed event with kite performers that fly their kites like the Blue Angels, only with kites.\"

150 foot kites, free lessons, and a grand launch with 500 kites will keep the family entertained.



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