Meet the candidates for Milwaukee County Sheriff

NOW: Meet the candidates for Milwaukee County Sheriff

MILWAUKEE COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee County Sheriff candidate Earnell Lucas says Milwaukee parks need more patrols to prevent shootings like the drive by at Washington Park, that left four injured.

"We're going to get able-bodied commanders out of the jail," Lucas said. "Back out here onto the street. Allow the correctional officers that the county has invested in to do their jobs."

Sheriff Richard Schmidt says the county doesn't have the funds for patrols in every park.

"We have fifteen deputies that are budgeted by the Milwaukee County supervisors, and it's not their fault," Schmidt said. "There's just no money. We cover 144 parks."

In next weeks primary, Schmidt is taking on Deputy Robert Ostrowski and Lucas, a former Milwaukee Police Captain and safety supervisor for Major League Baseball.

"Whether it's been my 25 years in law enforcement, and now 16 years, the past 16 years working for Major League baseball," Lucas said. "I travel all over the world working with law enforcement."

Ostrowski says he's the right choice because he's the only one of the three currently paroling the streets.

"I believe in being proactive law enforcement not reactive," Ostrowski said. "There's more to our job other than writing speeding tickets. It's really, we have to get out there and take this county back."

Schmidt says,  a reason to vote for him, is he's already done the job.

"32 years of law enforcement experience," Schmidt said. Certified law enforcement experience."

If you want to vote for any of those three candidates, you must vote democrat next week. Wisconsin law prohibits voting in both the democrat and Republican primaries, even for local elections.

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