Meet Milja: Milwaukee County Zoo's snow leopard cub gets a name

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Introducing Milja! Milwaukee County Zoo's snow leopard cub, born May 11, now has a name! 

According to a news release, thanks to the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, who was instrumental in bringing both mother, Orya, and father Asa, to the Zoo, has chosen the name Milja (MEE-lah) for the cub.

The name Milja honors the cub’s grandmother, Dshamilja (a wild-born snow leopard), and the importance of her genetic lines. The Zoo says this genetic diversity has been passed along to Milja, which makes her a valuable snow leopard, and an ambassador for her wild counterparts.

Though Milja is not yet on public exhibit, the Zoo shared new photos of the cub Tuesday, Aug. 4. 

Welcome to the Zoo family Milja!

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