Meet Amy Nelson: Top ten finalist for the 2018 Packers Fan Hall of Fame

Meet Amy Nelson: Top ten finalist for the 2018 Packers Fan Hall of Fame

The Packers season ended a while ago almost a month ago, but Packers fans never take a break.

The top ten finalists for the 2018 Packers Fan Hall of Fame have been announced. Voting is open, and you can vote by clicking here

People can vote once per day, and voters will be entered into a random drawing to win Packers merchandise. Voting closes at midnight on January 31st. More rules can be found by clicking here

Among a number of Packers-related prizes, the Packers Fan Hall of Fame winner will have a spot inside the Packers Hall of Fame at Lambeau Field.

"Those are the super bowl trophies! Let's go check them out," said Jane Nelson to Amy Nelson.

Amy Nelson is one of 10 finalists for the Packers Fan Hall of Fame this season. Nelson's brother in Mayville nominated her, and her niece who lives in Milwaukee wrote the submission letter.

As an adult with Down syndrome, Amy pays attention to detail.

"A lot of people may feel she doesn't understand the game, or know what's going on, or knows the players, but she does totally. She knows when the refs signal a false start. She knows the signals they make. She's making them before they call it a lot of times," said Jane Nelson.

Amy says she wants the Packers to "beat the Bears and the Lions and Vikings."

Jane says Amy invites everyone in the family to a "Packer Party" every Sunday.

"She'll make a big announcement: 'Packer party tomorrow. Everyone has to be there.'" said Jane.

Amy makes sure to get everyone in their seats and get her snacks together. Then she'll watch the game until the clock runs out.

"She gets very worked up during the games. She gets very upset when Rodgers gets sacked for example, whenever he's fading back with the ball, she's sitting there like... she wants him to throw it," said Jane.

Amy often wears her Packers pride. She has lots of jerseys, Packers sweaters, buttons, pins, jewelry, and even green and gold nail polish.

She has a couple of players she likes to follow including Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams, and Randall Cobb.

"Randall Cobb is very the best player I've ever seen. I see him run and run and run, and he'll catch the ball," said Amy.

Her favorite player is Clay Matthews.

"Clay Matthews is quite a guy. He gets sacks, fumbles, interceptions," said Amy. She hopes to meet him if she makes it to the Packers Fan Hall of Fame.

Amy hopes to see her picture in the Fan Hall of Fame.

"I'm the number 1 fan. I'm so excited. Be sure to vote for me," said Amy.

If she doesn't win, she'll still put on her game face.

"It doesn't matter what their record has been, it doesn't matter if they've lost every game. She's still optimistic they're going to win," said Jane.

Her parents know the nomination means a lot.

"We're very proud of her and that she has this opportunity, and it just makes us feel good to see her getting some's a big deal and it's really important for her," said Jane.

Read more about Amy on the voting page by clicking here

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