UPDATE: Deadly officer-involved shooting; Neighbors say man shot into the air to break up fight

UPDATE: Deadly officer-involved shooting; Neighbors say man shot into the air to break up fight

UPDATE: MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Two Milwaukee police officers are on administrative duty after they shot and killed a man who they say fired a gun on the city's north side. 

Milwaukee police say the two officers shot the man after he fired shots as they arrived on scene. 

Neighbors who saw what happened say the man killed was legally blind and didn't fire at police, but into the air. 

Friends and family members scrubbed blood off the porch where they say 37-year-old Antoine Springer, a blind disabled man, was standing when he was shot and killed by two Milwaukee police officers. 

"His intentions were to stop the fight before it lead to someone getting killed," says friend Sharmane Anderson. 

Many who live on 39th and Congress say Springer wasn't involved in the fight that broke out between someone at his house and a home across the street on Sunday night. The fight turned into a brawl that spilled onto Springer's lawn so they say he came onto the porch and fired shots just as Milwaukee police got to the scene. 

"He didn't aim to shoot someone, he aimed in the air. He shot and said 'get away from my house,'" says a neighbor. 

"He can't see. All he can do is hear, so when the police came, they never announced that this is Milwaukee Police Department. They didn't announce that and he couldn't see they was the police. All he knew was to protect," says another witness. 

One of the officers involved has two and a half years experience on the MIlwaukee Police Department. The other has five years' experience. Both have been placed on administrative duty as Wauwatosa Police investigate. 

"They say convicted felon. Add that this was a disabled man. He had an amputated leg. He was legally blind. Diabetes. Kidney transplant. Add those types of things," says friend Angel Lewis. 

CBS 58 reached out to Milwaukee police and the Wauwatosa Police Department to get a response to those witness claims but have yet to hear back. 


UPDATE: MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee police say a large fight near 39th and Congress turned into an officer involved shooting. They say the incident happened around 10:00 p.m. Sunday night and there were armed suspects.

One suspect, armed with a handgun outside of a residence, fired as officers were approaching. During that confrontation, officers fired shots, striking the suspect. The 37-year-old died at the scene. 

Police say the suspect is a convicted felon and his firearm was recovered at the scene. The officers involved in the incident are a 24-year-old with two and a half years on the force and a 26-year-old with five years experience. Both have been placed on administrative duty, per policy.

The incident remains under investigation, with the Wauwatosa Police Department taking the lead.


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee Police confirmed through a tweet Sunday night that an officer-involved shooting occurred near 39th and Congress.

According to police, officers were not injured but a suspect was shot.

The incident was reported shortly after 10:00 p.m. Sunday night.

The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner has been called to the scene indicating someone died.

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