Meals on Wheels in Waukesha Needs More Volunteers

Waukesha has one of the highest senior populations in the state of Wisconsin. 
This is the in house dining service. 
There are 10 locations across the county that offers services like this.
There is also a team that packages hot and cold meals. They deliver about 70 meals a day to area seniors.
They need more people to work in the kitchen preparing the food. They also need drivers to go out and deliver the food.
People that currently volunteer and work with the program say the need is serious, but it's not just about feeding people.
“Currently we have about 68,000 seniors and its projected in the next 10 years that that will Go up to almost 100 thousand people. So we continue to have a significant need and as our seniors age they want to stay in their home and we continue to provide services so they can do that,” said Mary Smith, Coordinator.
"I've had people tell me that I'm the only one that they'll talk to that day. And I know that some People I bring them a smile and a laugh. And you get to know them and you get to be a little silly," said Thomas, Volunteer Driver.
In 2015 about 700 volunteers here in Waukesha logged over 36,000 hours.
If you would like to volunteer, you are asked to contact the aging and disability resource center.
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