MBA Home & Remodeling Show wraps up at State Fair Park's expo center

NOW: MBA Home & Remodeling Show wraps up at State Fair Park’s expo center

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) --- State Fair Park is back in business as an exposition venue. 

They just wrapped up the MBA Home Building and Remodeling Show at the fair's expo center Sunday, May 2. This was the first even held there since the end of the center's time as a COVID-19 care facility.

The MBA's events director says the show had "good foot traffic" through the weekend.

"Definitely, new home construction sales are moving right along," MBA events director Toby Van Sistine said. "We didn't see a huge break in that during the pandemic. but a lot of that was people that were planning something already had those plans in motion or because they identified some issues with their homes, they decided to make some upgrades."

The home and remodeling show ran Friday through Sunday. 

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