Mayor Tom Barrett provides local update on coronavirus, flu

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett offered a local update on the coronavirus outbreak Tuesday. 

"I'm happy to report there are currently no persons under investigation for coronavirus in the city of Milwaukee," Mayor Tom Barrett said. "But that's not the end of the story."

While coronavirus is not here, the flu is -- in a big way. 

The mayor said from last September through January, 281 people have been hospitalized for flu-associated cases. 

A year ago, that number was only 70. 

What's even more troubling is that Influenza A cases have increased. That's a stronger strain than Influenza B.

The mayor says the best way to protect yourself against the flu is to get vaccinated, and he said it's still not too late to do that. 

Milwaukee's Health Department offers flu shots for free during walk-in clinic hours.

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