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Mayor spends Sunday morning asking people to stop the violence

Mayor Tom Barrett helped deliver a message of peace and a plea for cease-fire Sunday morning at several local churches.

\"I'm here because I care,\" said Barrett.

His visits to churches was in honor of Cease Sabbath. Hours before his first church visit there was a shooting at a vigil.

\"I'm incredulous. It's a vigil. It's a vigil,\" said Barrett. \"The people in this church can't believe it. I understand that if you were at church at 10 A.M. that you were not at the bars at 3 A.M. and that's where a lot of the problems are. We also know that there are people who get in trouble who have mothers, who have grandmothers, and maybe they can reach them.\"

5 people were shot Saturday evening around 6 P.M. While they were attending a vigil for an 18-year-old who was killed in an alley off of 28th street the night before. The five victims ranging from 22 to 56 years-old, survived the shooting.

Just twenty minutes before that shooting, there was another gunfire just a few blocks away.

Joe Vandenberg lives in the neighborhood where where it all happened. \"It seemed like half the cops in Milwaukee were on the streets. A lot of people, a lot of commotion, a lot of people in the streets,\" said Vandenberg.

When we first approached him, we asked how he was doing. He simply said, \"I'm alive.\"

\"The outcome of tomorrow is not promised to anyone, especially in this neighborhood,\" said Vandenberg.

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