Mayor Barrett urges public to get flu shot, Covid vaccine at new Menomonee Valley testing site

NOW: Mayor Barrett urges public to get flu shot, Covid vaccine at new Menomonee Valley testing site

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Mayor Barrett's advocating flu shots this year, saying it could be a bad flu season.

The city's team of health experts thinks we could see flu numbers rise. That's because Covid kept a lot of people home last year. 

Those who went out, did so with masks and social distancing. But this year, not so much. 

Mayor Barrett makes getting a flu shot look easy. He's all smiles outside the Menomonee Valley testing site. His message here is twofold -- first, that this flu season could be a doozy. 

"We're very concerned this year, with more activity, with more public engagement, with more people going out, that we're going to see a significant increase in those numbers from last year," said Mayor Tom Barrett.

He also invited us along to show off the city's newest site that offers flu shots, Covid shots and Covid testing.

If the Menomonee Valley testing site looks familiar, it is. It's an old Department of Motor Vehicles testing facility, already equipped to serve the public in a unique way. Shots are administered right in your car. 

"Before, I wasn't as diligent with the flu shot, but after, you know, seeing the impact of Covid, the importance of vaccines, I have kind of changed my tune and I’m realizing that I need to take it a little more seriously this year," said Camille Schwartz.

"My take on it this year, I think it would be important to do so, not just for myself but for my daughter, as well, to keep her safe," said Bijan Doyle.

The Menomonee Valley site is on St. Paul Avenue. It opened nine days ago and has already done 1,500 Covid tests.

The Covid and flu shots there began this week.

As for the Covid shot, the city's got one-thousand $25 gift cards to give out to people who come back to one of the city's three locations -- Menomonee Valley, the Northwest or Southside health centers -- to receive their second dose.

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