Mayor Barrett touts new complex to help homeless people in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- Most of the rooms in the 37 unit complex called Maskani Place are already in use.  That shows the demand for this type of housing in Milwaukee. 


It's called Maskani Place which means home in Swahili. It's located near East Center Street and Richards in Milwaukee. 

Tuesday is the official grand opening but people have been living here for a few months now.

It's a development that helps homeless families or families on the brink of homelessness get back on their feet. 

It can provide job training and job search help, financial education, help finding child cafe and a lot of other services.

Mayor Tom Barrett stopped and mentioned how important housing like this is to Milwaukee's success.

The city is invested in this too - about $200,000 from the city's housing trust find comes to this complex

\"We are fighting back to make sure individuals who have had setbacks in their life are not forgotten,\" Mayor Tom Barrett said.  \"So they don't have to think about this on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis as Michael said. We do provide some stability. It's with that stability that they can get the train back on the track and running.\"

The building development also focuses on green infrastructure to hopefully safe money down the road.

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