Mayor Barrett reportedly considering run for governor

NOW: Mayor Barrett reportedly considering run for governor

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – The rumor mill is churning after a report Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is considering another run for Wisconsin governor.

UW-M political professor Mordecai Lee says it would make sense for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett to make a fourth run for governor.

“If you’re a politician, and you’ve run for governor, and you lost, it hurts,” Lee said. “And you have sort of this inner impulse that you want to do it again.”

According to a Journal Sentinel report, multiple sources indicate Barrett is considering a run. 

“The state Republican Party sent a statement on Barrett saying: “The fact that 'Try It Again' Tom Barrett is preparing a fourth run for governor is proof positive that the Democrat establishment is struggling to salvage this race from a wide-open field of candidates with no plan aside from attacking the Wisconsin comeback led by Scott Walker”

Democratic candidate for governor, State Rep. Dana Wachs, D-Eau Claire, said the amount of Democratic candidates isn’t a negative.

“I think this is a year for the Democrats,” Wachs said. “And I think it shows that there is a lot of excitement and momentum on our side.”

The most recent Marquette poll showed no candidate had more than 20% of support from Democrats who say they will vote in the primary. Wachs said he thinks someone will separate from the pack.

“I think we will in time. It’s very early in this process. I don’t think a lot of people were paying attention yet when that poll was done.”

Lee says it might take just 15-20% of the vote to win the Democratic primary, giving Barrett a strong chance.

“So if you’re somebody like Tom Barrett, who has name recognition largely in Southeast Wisconsin, but also around the state, he might be thinking, heck, I can get 15% of the vote. I can get 20% of the vote. That’s all that I’d need to win the primary.”

Candidates started collecting nominations this week and have until June 1 to finish that process. Barrett’s campaign did not comment on the story.

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