MATC conducts in-person Police Academy training

NOW: MATC conducts in-person Police Academy training

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- You can learn a lot of things online these days, but when you're trying to become a police officer, virtual classes only go so far. 

MATC conducted an in-person training session of its Police Academy class at the Oak Creek campus Thursday.

Organizers say some lessons need to be taught face-to-face.

"Well it's critical because in our area of protective services, you can't do online work, you can do a little -- but imagine what a police officer, a firefighter, a paramedic can do in a field," said Russ Spahn of MATC, Protective Services. "They're all hands-on."

A lot of work was done before Thursday's session to make sure the students were safe. 

MATC is offering in-person training for students enrolled in professions that are considered essential by the state.

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