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Massive Car Crash in Mayville Parking Lot Brings up Question of Seniors' Driving Abilities

It happened in just one minute.  A 92-year old hit nine cars Friday in the Mayville Piggly Wiggly parking lot.  It happened during lunch hour.  The city's police chief says no one was injured, but four cars had to be towed.  

The police chief also says the driver didn't suffer from any medical condition, but he did say the man panicked and lost control.  This once again brings up the question when is it time to hang up the keys.  Drivers we spoke with say this topic is a complex one.  Many say it's an individual issue.  If the person has sharp cognitive skills, like good sight and reflexes, then the person behind the wheel should keep driving.  However, he or she should be under close supervision with their family and a doctor.  Communication is key.

In Wisconsin, all of us have to renew a drivers license every eight years by taking a simple eye test.  There have been unsuccessful legislative attempts to shorter this time span, especially for seniors. 

Law enforcement I spoke with on this story say if you are having a hard time bringing this issue up with a loved one, then get the Division of Motor Vehicles involved.  It has the resources to help.

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