Marquette's women's basketball team is going dancing

NOW: Marquette’s women’s basketball team is going dancing

The Marquette women’s basketball team is going back to the NCAA tournament! The Golden Eagles earned an 8 seed in the Lexington Regional playing against Dayton in the first round Friday afternoon. Marquette didn’t hear their names right away but it was worth the wait.

“We're excited to play Dayton,” Amani Wilborn says. “It took a minute this year (to be called). Last year was much quicker. We were just waiting to see who we played and get prepared from there."

Allazia Blockton adds "We were really anxious and we were just excited to hear our name called. We know we are playing some good competition. We are excited to get after it."

It's the first time in almost 20 years that the golden eagles will be going to the NCAA tournament in back to back seasons.

“Just to be on that team it's already writing our legacy for us,” Blockton tells us. “I know in years to come when I come back to visit we'll be the names to remember."

Coach Carolyn Kieger notes "It says a lot about where we are as a program and where we are going so I'm very proud of my players, my staff and the entire Marquette community."

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