Marquette welcomes nearly 1,900 new students and Foley scholarship winner to campus

Marquette welcomes nearly 1,900 new students for the upcoming school year.  Students started moving in Wednesday morning.  Kendal Teufel lives about 45 minutes outside of Chicago in a small town. She's excited to live in an urban environment like Milwaukee.  

\"I hadn't really decided, but when it came time to apply to schools tended to shift more to the urban ideal,\" Teufel said.  \"I guess it's just where I ended up. I'm excited though. It's very different from where I come from.\"

Another first on Wednesday was at the College of Communications where they welcomed the recipient of the James Foley Scholarship.

\"Once I found out i was the recipient  of this award it came into a whole new light for me,\" explained Jacob Zelinski. \"It  made me re-examine the way I was living it. It inspired me to do the \"modjust\" which is the Jesuit to do the more.\"   

More than 1,300 donors from around the world contributed $320,000 dollars to the endowed scholarship fund named for the Marquette Graduate and slain journalist.

The school has events planned throughout the week and weekend to welcome students.

 Class starts Monday.

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