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Marquette students proud of James Foley, inspired by his work

MILWAUKEE -- The news about James Foley's unfortunate death spread quickly across Marquette's campus Tuesday.  The reaction from students was mixed.  Some students were shocked, some were sad, but many were proud of what Foley accomplished. 

Many students had just learned about the news as it spread across media platforms Tuesday night.  They all sent condolences to Foley's family, but also said how inspiring it is to have a Marquette graduate play such an important role.  One student we spoke to attended a speech Foley gave at Marquette in 2011. That was after he was released from capture in Libya.   He said Foley is and always will be an inspiration.

\"He'll be that Marquette student that was out there,\" Marquette senior Marcell Kirkman-Bey said.   \"Who we can see. You always hear about college students going out and protesting and doing things. But we know for a fact he actually did that.  That's what made him authentic, that's what made him an inspiration, that's what made him captivating.\"

Foley wrote that prayer helped him get through his first stint.  He also said he was inspired during his time at Marquette through volunteer trips.  Foley was held since late 2012.  Another student studying journalism said Foley was a true journalist.

\"He dedicated his life to finding out more, to digging deeper,\" Marquette junior Hank Greening said.  \"Not all journalism students are at that scale but learning about that and saying here's true example of a man who was willing to give his entire life and dedicate it to the news.\"

The school hasn't planned any remembrances as of now.

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