Marquette professor says Walker's labor proposal is effort to regain momentum

Governor Scott Walker is rolling out a plan to wipe out federal employee unions should he become President.

In a campaign video released Monday afternoon by the campaign; images of Act 10 protests in Madison are shown, then the video goes on to explain the merits of the sweeping changes which stripped public unions of collective bargaining rights.

The plan he is laying out Monday would make changes in Washington D.C. and spread nationwide.

It's being heavily criticized by Democrats and some Republicans like Mike Huckabee.

A Marquette University political science professor says this is a move to regain momentum and stop a fall in the polls.

Prof. Karen Hoffman said, "He believes firmly in this, he can talk about results. This is not anything hypothetical, he has done this so yeah it makes sense to do this. I think.”

Hoffman says she doesn't see this as a desperation move by Walker, and says there's still plenty of time him or any candidate to gain ground on Donald Trump and Ben Carson, the Republican frontrunners.

"Is this a move to try and get him farther up? Absolutely. People just aren't talking about some of these other candidates so absolutely, you have to try and do something." Hoffman said.

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