Marquette poll shows Walker leads Burke among likely voters

Milwaukee--  It's still a close race, but in the latest Marquette University Law School Poll, one candidate for governor has opened up the largest lead among likely voters since last May. 

Among registered voters, the poll shows Governor Walker with a lead of 46 to 45 percentage points.  But the three point advantage Walker enjoyed two weeks ago is now five, 50 to 45 percent.

\"Walker's increased lead among independents is certainly a part of the story of why he's moved from a three point to a five point lead right now,\" said MU Poll Director Charles Franklin. 

Walker's lead among independents is now 53 to 40 percent.  

There is also a widening gender gap.  The poll found more men are likely to vote for Walker than women are for Burke.  The Governor leads among likely male voters 62 to 34 percent.  Burke's lead among likely female voters is 54 to 40 percent.  Franklin says, \"you think of the gender gap as something that's extremely stable, but it actually has changed quite a bit over the course of the campaign, and it could change again.\"

At a Milwaukee groundbreaking event a few hours before the poll was released, Walker told reporters that voter turnout and independents will likely decide the outcome November 4th. 

\"I think voters want to hear directly from the candidates, so we're going to keep talking about not only what we've done, but more importantly what we plan on doing to make this state better and help build a better economy.\"


In a written statement, a Burke campaign spokesperson said \"Over the last two weeks, Governor Walker has stepped up the mudslinging and false, negative attacks in a desperate attempt to distract from his failed record.\"

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