Marquette Poll Shows Walker Approval Rating Holding Steady; Trump Favorite for Republican Nomination

"It's Clinton 45, Sanders 43. So a further tightening of that race." said Charles Franklin, Director of the Marquette Law School poll.

Among Wisconsin democrats; Bernie Sanders continues to pull closer and closer to Hillary Clinton, and is now just two points away. Martin O’Malley checks in with one percent.

The poll surveyed 806 registered Wisconsin voters January 21-24.

On the crowded republican side, Donald Trump is the new favorite at 24%, Marco Rubio has 18%, Ted Cruz has 16%.

The favorite from November’s poll, Ben Carson, has fallen back to fourth place with 8%. The rest of the republican field registered single digits.

Franklin said, "I think we'll see dramatic changes after Iowa and New Hampshire and we'll know much better in Mid-February what the situation will look like when the race comes to Wisconsin in April."

The poll shows people in Wisconsin expect Clinton and Trump to win the nominations of their respective parties, and shows Clinton beating any of the top three republican candidates in a head to head matchup.

However, the poll also show Bernie Sanders would win against any of the republican top three, but by a wider margin.

Franklin explained, "Maybe paradoxically Sanders does better than Clinton in winning over leaning Republicans."

The poll also shows Governor Scott Walker's approval rating is holding steady at 38%, with 57% disapproving.

It also shows 85% of voters support background checks for 'private' and 'gun show sales.'

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