Marquette Poll: Clinton Leads Trump, Wisconsin Voters Have Negative Views of Both Candidates

A new Marquette Law School poll shows Hillary Clinton holds a lead over Donald Trump. This is the first poll since each candidate became their party's presumptive nominee.

Among registered voters: Clinton 42% Trump 35%

Among likely voters: Clinton 46% Trump 37%

The poll also shows Wisconsin voters believe Clinton and Trump have honesty issues. 28% of people polled said Clinton is "someone who is honest", while 32% said the same for Trump.

Poll director, Charles Franklin, said, “The candidates have some pretty serious damaging effects of personality traits. So Hillary Clinton is less honest than Donald Trump, and they're both below 35% in being viewed as honest."

In April's Wisconsin primary, voters favored Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz to be their respective party's nominee. The Marquette poll shows just 67% of Sanders supporters intend to vote for Clinton. The poll also shows a turnout problem brewing on the Republican side, with just 78% of registered Republicans now saying they will vote in November. 

Franklin said, "If Wisconsin Republican turnout should remain in at the 78% we see now, as opposed to the 90% we saw in June 2012, then that would be very damaging to the party all the way down the ballot."

A majority of people (61%) polled also said they are bothered by Clinton's use of a private email server as Secretary of State, a near similar amount (63%) say they are bothered by the lawsuits surrounding Trump and "Trump University".

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