'March Sadness', Wisconsin fans react to loss against Iowa State

NOW: ’March Sadness’, Wisconsin fans react to loss against Iowa State

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Badger fans are in low spirits after losing to Iowa State in the NCAA Tournament on March 20 Sunday night.

Fans started to leave the Deer District minutes before the game ended. Many were frustrated with a day that started out so positive and ended so poorly. 

Badger fans banded together near Fiserv Forum this weekend to cheer on Wisconsin. It was a sea of red, pumped and energized to win. 

People made the most of a beautiful day and are proud to be in Milwaukee. 

"Milwaukee has made the investments to host things like this and with the Bucks and being able to do this people are going to come out and we obviously have the best fanbase in the world," said Jordan Mach. 

But even the best fanbase in the world couldn't prevent the result of this game. For what started out as a hopeful win, led to a disappointing loss for the Badgers. 

Fans say it was difficult to watch. 

"Shooting. That percentage from three... I'm pretty sure we made what two all game? That's not a recipe for success," said Max Barreau. 

Success fans feel the team could have strategized better for.   

"A little better defense and a little better passing, fewer turnovers that's our style and we just didn't do it," said Ray Myers.

"Pretty much everything, I mean we shot terrible from the field, it happens sometimes we always have next year," Charlie Phillips. 

But even though the Badgers lost, fans feel they still accomplished a great deal. 

"I think we did a great job, we're in the Big Ten, Big Ten season champs. I can't be mad at the season honestly," said Barreau. 

Wisconsin lost the game to Iowa State in the second round of March Madness. The final score was 54-49 and fans are hopeful for next season. 

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