March goes out on a cloudy and cool note.

It seems like the last several days have made the month of March seem pretty unbearable regarding the weather; however, wehen you look back on the whole month it's a pretty different story.

This month of March will either go down as the 12th or 13th warmest on record.  Nothing too extreme, but very close to the top 10.  There's good reason for that, take a look at the majority of our high temperatures.  Most of the month featured above high temperatures.  2 days made it into the 60s!

In just about a week our average highs will return to the 50s, with the 60s starting May 1!  The sun angle starts to really play a factor in our weather by late April into May allowing for longer stretches of warmer air.  The 8 to 10 day outlook from the Climate Prediction Center has our area in a favorable position for above average highs.

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