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Many sidewalks still not shoveled, homeowners and property owners facing possible fines

GREENDALE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Homeowners or property owners must clear their sidewalks within a certain time frame after it snows. After this most recent snowfall, however, many sidewalks are still left snowcovered.

"It was real hard, I almost fell. I would think that since these are businesses they would have it plowed away," said Dion Currie who lives in Milwaukee.

Along 76th street in Greendale, there's a block covered in thick, packed down snow near 76th and Edgerton. 

"I would rather walk through on the side then all through that mess," one citizen said.

In downtown Milwaukee, many of the sidewalks are clear but the bus stops are not.

"I was really shocked at Water and Wisconsin, that wasn't shoveled at all," said Bob Ervin, an MCTS bus driver.

That's where a video was taken of another MCTS driver helping a passenger using a walker over the snow pile and onto the bus.

"Our goal is to get them on and off the bus safely so they can get where they are going," said Ervin. 

Residents can help make it a little easier for those trying to get around by clearing areas covered in snow.

"If you have a bus stop near your property, shovel it out. Much like fire departments across the area with fire hydrants, we ask the same thing," Brendan Conway with MCTS said.

In Greendale, the village requires people to clear sidewalks within 12 hours after it snows. In Milwaukee, if you're reported for not clearing your sidewalks you can be fined.

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