Many shoppers still wearing masks even if it’s not required

NOW: Many shoppers still wearing masks even if it’s not required

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- Last week, the CDC announced vaccinated people do not need masks indoors in most situations, and now some big name stores are dropping the requirement.

Still, not everyone is on board just yet.

“I’m comfortable wearing them, I feel more secure,” said Trish Boettcher, who wore a mask to Target Monday despite the store ending the requirement.

On Monday, May 17, most people shopping at the Brookfield Target and Trader Joe's stores still wore a mask even though they didn’t have to.

“I feel it’s important to protect other people,” said Gus Copoulos, who is still wearing his mask. “I was in a large group of people the other day and who knows, I may be a carrier although I have been vaccinated.”

The change in policy follows new guidance from the CDC which says vaccinated people don’t need masks inside.

It’s welcome news for some.

“It should’ve come a long time ago,” said Dani, a Target shopper who is comfortable not wearing a mask anymore. “I ran into somebody that I knew and she took hers off when she saw I didn’t have mine.”

Target and Trader Joe’s are not alone in ending mask requirements. Kohl’s, Walmart, Starbucks and Costco also no longer require vaccinated people to wear masks inside.

“I think what the CDC is saying is the vaccines are highly effective,” said Dr. Matt Anderson, the senior medical director of primary care at UW Health.

Dr. Anderson called the CDC announcement unexpected and says now states, cities and businesses are scrambling to figure out what it means.

“It does leave some grey area though, and sort of the operationalization or implementation of it, which is questions like how do I know if the person who is unmasked next to me is truly vaccinated?” Dr. Anderson said.

He says if people are still concerned, they should keep wearing their mask.

“I think you’re going to see individual choices, we’ll probably see fewer masks over time. Is that a good thing? Hopefully,” Dr. Anderson said.

Experts say even though more and more places are not requiring masks, it’s a good idea to keep a mask because the rules vary so much from business to business and city to city.

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