'Many different shapes and forms:' How social media plays a role in activism

NOW: ’Many different shapes and forms:’ How social media plays a role in activism

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Social media is playing a growing role in activism. From hashtags to individual stories, the different online platforms allow for people to get involved.

"Activism comes in many different shapes and forms," Marquette University Assistant Professor of Psychology Simon Howard said.

Over the last few years, the ‘Me Too’ and ‘Black Lives Matter’ movements have gained attention through the internet.

"Thinking about issues of sexual orientation, issues around police brutality and intergroup relations based off of race, these conversations are being had online, that may have not happened inside your house," Howard explained.

He said social media activism is especially growing in the younger generations.

"They’re getting exposed to these ideas much earlier and not necessarily indoctrinated, but they’re getting exposed to even just think about it," he said.

He explained it is also a tool for people to learn more and seek out other ways to get involved.

Howard acknowledges a potential disadvantage of social media activism is if someone uses it to misrepresent the idea or intent of a movement.

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