Managers at The Exclusive Company hope to save 30-year-old Milwaukee record shop

NOW: Managers at The Exclusive Company hope to save 30-year-old Milwaukee record shop

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- After three decades, The Exclusive Company in Milwaukee is set to close its doors. Two of the managers have decided they don't want to see Milwaukee's east side lose its record shop, so they've decided to take it over.

"One of the best things of the job is getting to hear everything that's coming out," said Brian Kirk, one of the managers buying Exclusive Company.

Kirk, along with Tanner Musgrove are buying The Exclusive Company, and they plan to call the new record shop Lilliput Records.

The two managers have a love for music and collecting the physical medium that comes with it.

"Just being able to look at the art work and see it, and then add it to your collection," said Musgrove. "Once you start it's really hard to stop."

Combined the two haven't managed exclusive company for half of its life. It's been a staple for the Milwaukee music community for more than 30 years.

"I was shocked I was of course, [and] really sad. I know how much this place means to me and how much it means to the community," said Musgrove.

The marquee-like sign on Farwell and Brady St. has caught the attention of many people over the years.

Arguably the most nostalgic place in any city, record stores are becoming fewer and fewer. Tanner and Brian are two dedicated to keeping around the love of old music shops.

"We have our new 45s across the way, and then right across we have some higher priced used ones."

As they showed CBS 58's Amanda Becker around the store, that love and knowledge for all things music was obvious.

If you were to tell them that record shops are a thing of the past, they'd tell you you're very wrong.

"This store is very active, very busy." said Kirk. "We're experiencing some of the best sales we've had in years."

"Especially during the pandemic," Musgrove added. "People have just reverted back to physical media and wanting to have more intimate interactions with music."

Tanner and Brian have started a GoFundMe to help with the cost of opening Lilliput records. They say it will feel the same when you walk through Lilliput Record's doors- with the newest and oldest music available. 

"One of my favorite memories working at this store was the Cage the Elephant in-store performance," said Kirk. "Probably 2013, it was huge, and the store was packed and everyone just had a great time."

They plan to have more of those in-store performances once Lilliput takes over too.

They plan to carry the old memories with them like they hold on to their favorite record cover. And they'll create more memories in the future.

"A lot of music and a lot of memories," said Kirk.

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