Man shot by Milwaukee police in November responds to body camera video release

NOW: Man shot by Milwaukee police in November responds to body camera video release

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A man who was shot by Milwaukee police in November is talking about the shooting for the first time. 

The Milwaukee Police Department released body camera video and a 911 call from the shooting Thursday afternoon. The video does not show the actual shooting, but the moments after. 

Jamie Alexander was shot November 12 near 35th and Clarke. 

Alexander has been charged with obstructing an officer and possession of a gun by a felon from the shooting incident. 

In the criminal complaint for those charges, police say they were called to the area near 35th and Clarke for a report of a man with a gun. When officers arrived, they approached Alexander, who matched the suspect description, but he ran. Officers chased him and told him to stop and drop his gun but while he was running he pulled a gun from his pocket, according to the criminal complaint. One officer shot at Alexander. Police later found a .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun at the scene. 

Alexander says the gun was not his. He says it belonged to someone who came to his front door trying to fight a girl who had gone to Alexander's house for help. 

"Said he was going to kill everybody in the house so we went outside, we tussled in the door, police came, and I panicked and ran through the yard and before I got a chance to put my hands up or anything I heard 'Pow! Pow!' and I hit the ground."

Alexander said when he ran from police, he ran under a porch, dropped the gun, turned to see where the police were, kept running and that's when he was shot, twice. 

"It went out through the back and came out through the front," he said pointing to his bullet wounds. 

When asked why he ran from police, Alexander said, "I had an incident in prison and police was right there and didn't do anything. I don't trust the police, I panicked, and I ran."

In the body camera video, Alexander can be heard saying, "I panicked. I got PTSD. I took the gun from the boy, he came to beat his sister up. I got PTSD I didn't want to get shot and I ended up getting shot anyway."

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