Man says he witnessed fatal shooting at 51st and Capitol, held victim's hand

NOW: Man says he witnessed fatal shooting at 51st and Capitol, held victim’s hand

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A man who said he witnessed a shooting that left a 46-year-old woman dead said he held her hand and tried to comfort her after she was shot. 

The shooting happened Friday. 

"She was holding it real tight, so I pretty much felt her strength right then, and then once it was real tight I’m trying to talk to her I’m telling her to stay with us," said Ace Smith. 

He said he was at Fond du Lac and Capitol around 5:15 p.m. Friday and heard commotion. 

"Looked over, I seen the young woman, older woman she was like talking to a guy in a van, that’s who she was yelling at, as they were exchanging words his door was slightly opened and he latched off a shot," Smith said. 

He said he got out of his vehicle and ran to help. 

"As I was running over there to her a young man came over there right behind me yelling 'Mama!,'" said Smith, "I’m like, 'This is your mama'"? He’s like 'Ya, that’s my mom.' He trying to pick her up."

Smith said he grabbed the kid's sweatshirt and applied it to the woman's back. 

"He just asking, ya know, 'Can y’all just help me take her to the hospital?!' so we pick her up and put in the back seat of her car and we rushed her to the hospital," he said. 

He said he also got a look at the suspect. 

"He pretty much like made his way through traffic came around turned in front of her car, continue to have his gun in his hand and his door open and he bust his u-turn, made sure she was still laying down, looking out the window," Smith said. 

Smith said the suspect was driving a gold Chevrolet Express Cargo van. 

Milwaukee Police have not released any suspect information. Police have also not identified the victim in the shooting. 

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