Man Creates Smartwatch App to help Veteran Father Cope with PTSD

A Minnesota man has designed a smartphone app to help his dad, a veteran, cope with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

Patrick Skluzacek was a Bronze Star Convoy commander in Iraq from 2006-07. He now suffers from night terrors.

"It wasn't like a regular dream where I could get a glass of water and go back to bed. This was something like I was startled, like I fell of a cliff type of a dream," said Skluzacek. 

Patrick couldn't sleep, so his son, Tyler, invented "myBivy." The smartwatch app tracks his heart rate and movements while he sleeps, looking for subtle changes that could lead to night terrors. Then the app disrupts the sleep cycle by sending subtle buzzes to his wrist. 

"This app was a God-send to me. Just having this thing on, I can make it 9 hours no problem sleeping," said Skluzacek. 

Tyler is a student at the University of Chicago studying to get his PhD in Computer Science. The app is available on Android phones. Tyler is working with the Department of Veteran Affairs to see how this app might be able to help other veterans in the future. 

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