Man claims to be Twilight actor to lure teen

BAXTER, IOWA -- A 14-year-old Iowa girl was duped by a man claiming to be an actor from the popular movie franchise \"Twilight\". Police say the young girl was lured into the man's vehicle.

The 14-year-old's mother April Roush says her daughter met the man on Facebook. The man told the 14-year-old he starred in the movie Twilight. As the two continues to communicate, the girl had the man pick her up from the family house. Roush says that was the day she thought she'd never see her daughter again.

When the man arrived at Roush's home, he took photos with the 14-year-old girl and her sister. The 14-year-old's sister told Roush who contacted police and several friends. One of Roush's friends spotted the suspect's car, and police eventually caught up with him.

Roush says she never though her child would fall for a ruse like this. \"Instagram, Facebook, there's a reason there's an age limit on these things, and I think all of us parents needs to enforce that,\" says Roush. \"And not go, oh well my daughter's so good I can trust her. Well so was my daughter and look what happened.\"

Roush says even after police arrested the man, her daughter believed he's a movie star.

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