Man charged with stabbing Milwaukee parking enforcement officer

Updated 6;00 p.m. April 5, 2019

UPDATE: MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Isaac Ali is charged with obstructing an officer while Tony Bornes is accused of stabbing a 60-year-old city worker.

The attack happened around 2 a.m. last Tuesday.

The victim says he issued a parking ticket when Bornes assaulted him.

Police say the second suspect, Ali, watched the attack without intervening.


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – A 26-year-old man now charged with stabbing a Milwaukee city worker said he has a "certain energy that passes through him" and approached the worker prior to the stabbing "as a demon."

As of Thursday afternoon, the 60-year-old parking enforcement officer was still in the hospital following the stabbing. Tony Bornes Jr. of Milwaukee is charged with first-degree reckless injury, use of a weapon.

According to the criminal complaint, the parking enforcement officer had just placed a parking ticket on a vehicle blocking the sidewalk when he was confronted by Bornes.

Bornes complained the vehicle shouldn't be ticketed before allegedly attacking the parking enforcement officer, punching and kicking him in his face and chest.  Once the attack ended, the parking enforcement officer said he heard a man who was with Bornes say they should go. The second man was not involved in the attack but also didn't try to stop it.

After calling for help, the parking enforcement officer said he drove to the District 4 police station at 69th and Silver Spring where he collapsed on the grass in front of the station. He said it was at that time he realized he must have been stabbed because he was bleeding from his right side. The complaint says the parking enforcement officer told officers he wore a protective vest because of previous assaults in his 22 years on the job, but the knife hit him below the vest. The parking enforcement officer was taken to the hospital and treated for three stab wounds and required surgery.

When police arrived at Bornes' address, they found the illegally parked vehicle and the parking ticket was still there.

Bornes initially denied knowing anything about the attack and said he thought he was being questioned because he owes over $500 for unpaid parking tickets, according to city records. After a second interview, Bornes claimed he "blacked out" and said the parking enforcement officer shouldn't have been in his driveway and that since his cousin died, he "has a certain energy that passes through him" and that he approached the parking enforcement officer "as a demon."

Bornes reportedly told investigators the victim approached him "aggressively" and he defended himself by punching and kicking the victim after he fell.  He later admitted to stabbing the parking enforcement officer with a "blade" he bought for protection.

When police spoke with the man who was with Bornes the night of the attack, he said he didn't realize Bornes was using a knife because he didn't see it but knew Bornes carried a knife because he had been threatened with it in the past.

Bornes is expected to make his first court appearance on Tuesday. If convicted, Bornes faces 25 years in prison and up to $100,000 in fines.

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