Man charged in the death of popular Milwaukee bartender during robbery attempt

Charges have now been filed against the man accused of killing a popular Milwaukee bartender.

Jermichael Carroll, 29-years-old, of Milwaukee, now faces charges of First Degree Reckless Homicide and Attempt Armed Robbery following the May 31st shooting.

According to the criminal complaint, the victim identified as Dylan Steffen and his friend were walking in the area of 1643 S. 2nd Street when the suspect came out of the school parking lot in the area and approached the two.

The suspect placed one of the men in a headlock and told him to empty his pockets. The man broke free from the suspect's hold and both began running away. The man heard one gunshot and saw that his friend, Steffen, had fallen to the sidewalk.

Steffen was alive when police arrived on scene. He was transported to the hospital where he died from his injuries.

The autopsy revealed that Steffen died from a single gunshot wound to the back.

Surveillance video identified the car used in the robbery. Police approached the owner of the car who told police that the defendant is his cousin who was recently released from prison. He had been letting his cousin use his car and also stated that this cousin had his car the night of the shooting.

The owner of the car also told police that when his cousin returned, he was nervous, sweating, excited, and armed with a handgun. The gun had fresh marks on the side consistent with having been recently fired. He also said that his cousin told him he "had to strip somebody," which the man understood means that he had to rob someone. 

Carroll will make his next court appearance on June 28th.

The victim, Steffen, is being remembered as a man who was always smiling, laughing, and having fun. 

"As long as he was laughing, he'd be happy," Zachary Dubois said.

"He always had a smile on his face, no matter what he went through," said Dylan's mother Heather Kirsch. "He always knew when I needed to talk to somebody... it's like... I don't know if he could feel the vibes."

"I know he's with me all the time. I can tell," said Gabrielle Steffen, Dylan's younger sister who is remembering his famous hugs, and how much her brother had going for him.

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