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Man awaiting trial for gruesome rape now charged with conspiracy to commit murder

NOW: Man awaiting trial for gruesome rape now charged with conspiracy to commit murder


A man awaiting trial for raping a Milwaukee woman with a bag of sex toys has now been charged with conspiracy to commit first degree intentional homicide.

Michael James Birk was charged on June 6 with first degree sexual assault. On June 21 an inmate in the Milwaukee County Jail reported that Birk approached him and offered to pay $10,000 to have the woman he raped killed. According to the inmate, Birk gave him a map of the house and physical description of the rape victim. Officials told the inmate to get more information from Birk about his intentions.

On June 26 officials met with the inmate who told them that Birk still wanted the woman dead. He also said that if the inmate was successful in killing her that he had another person he wanted killed. Sheriff Detectives gave the inmate a phone number to a Sheriff's Detective as a decoy for someone Birk could hire for the murder. Birk talked to the decoy Detective and told him where the victim's house is, where her bedroom his, where the son's bedroom is and that there is an "ankle bitter" dog in the house. 

Birk went on to give very intricate details about the rape victim's house and schedule and told the Detective exactly how to kill her.

On June 27, Birk was confronted by officials about his intentions to kill the victim. Birk admitted to attempting to hire at least two people to have the victim killed.

Birk's trail for the sexual assault charge has been set for September 25.

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