Man Arrested in Milwaukee for OWI after Stopping Car in the Middle of Traffic

On Monday, July 25 at 4:28 AM Milwaukee County Sheriff's Deputies observed a vehicle stopped in traffic on Hampton Avenue, just west of I-43. A man was sitting in the driver seat behind the wheel with the vehicle running with the keys in the ignition.

Deputies made contact with the driver, Adam Jon Spencer, who said he pulled over to make a phone call but didn’t realize he was still in traffic.

Deputies observed the man had red bloodshot glassy eyes, slurred speech, and smelled like alcohol. According to deputies, when they asked how much he had to drink, Spencer told them, "nothing."

When Spencer opened his driver’s door to perform a sobriety field test, deputies saw an open can of Miller Lite in the cup holder of the door. As Spencer exited his vehicle he was unsteady on his feet.

Spencer started to perform the tests, but stopped midway through and spontaneously put his hands behind his back to be arrested.

Spencer has had five 5 prior OWI’s from the 90s and currently has a .02 restriction. Spencer refused to submit to a blood draw at Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital. A search warrant for blood was obtained.

If convicted of the sixth OWI charge, Spencer faces fines up to $10,000 dollars and six years in prison.

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