Man accused of stabbing sister and father to death on Milwaukee's south side

 Efrain Garcia-Sotelo, 22, is charged with two counts of First Degree Intentional Homicide after allegedly stabbing his sister and father to death in their home on Milwaukee's south side.

According to the criminal complaint, Garcia-Sotelo allegedly stabbed his sister to death using a green knife on January 12. Garcia-Sotelo told police he hid his sister's dead corpse in a closet for a few days. His father discovered the sister's body in the closet, and began crying. The complaint says Garcia-Sotelo approached his father from behind and began stabbing him in the back. Garcia-Sotelo would not tell police how many times he stabbed his father, and only admitted to doing it multiple times. Garcia-Sotelo's mother and nieces were cut trying to stop him from stabbing his father.

While speaking with Milwaukee detectives, Garcia-Sotelo says he had a long-standing grudge against his father. He says his father always yells at him, and believed his father broke his Xbox. Garcia-Sotelo also says he didn't like his sister, because she was \"sluttish\" and not a good mother.

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