Man accused of breaking windows during fight with sister that began over flirting

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) –  A fight between siblings in Waukesha started when a woman claimed her brother and her girlfriend were flirting with each other.

 According to a criminal complaint, the woman called police and said she had been beaten up by her brother. She told investigators she’d been allowing her brother, 32-year-old Willie Ellis, to stay with her at her home on Orchard Avenue. On June 23, the sister told police that Ellis and the woman she was dating, Bianca Dorris-Hardiman, were flirting with each other. The sister became upset and told both Dorris-Hardiman and Ellis to leave.

The complaint says Ellis refused to leave and instead grabbed a knife from the kitchen table that had been used to cut watermelon.  The sister told investigators that at one point he raised the knife but she did not believe he intended to stab her. Ellis later grabbed a BB gun which the sister told investigators resembled a real gun.

The complaint says the sister then heard Ellis break windows in the kitchen and possibly cause damage to her kitchen door. She went outside and says she saw Ellis, still with the BB gun in his hand, say “If you ain’t gonna take me home, you’re gonna have to pay for new car windows.”  Ellis then punched out the car windows, according to the complaint.

Willie Ellis has been charged with criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct. The sister’s girlfriend, Bianca Dorris-Hardiman, has also been charged with misdemeanor bail jumping after police say she tested at .33 on a breathalyzer test which is more than four times Wisconsin’s legal limit of .08 and a violation of Dorris-Hardiman’s bond in a case pending in Milwaukee County.

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