Making Honey at Hemken Honey Company Is The "Bee's Knees"

Making honey is all the buzz at Hemken Honey Company in Big Bend.  When Andy Hemken started his business some 20 years ago, he only had a few hives.  Now he has close to 600.  

Hemken estimates he deals with 70 thousand bees.  Last year he produced, 25 pounds of honey. The year before it was 19 pounds.  But this year, because of better weather conditions overall, he hopes the number is between 50 and 60 pounds.

Beside honey, he loves to sell beeswax.  It's valuable.  From it, he makes candles, furniture polish, soaps, and cosmetics.  Beeswax sells for $16 a pound. It's half the amount for honey.

Click on the attached link for everything you want to know about Hemken Honey.  

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