Make A Wish Surprises Waukesha Teenager With Cancer with a Dream Trip

A 17-year-old from Waukesha with bone cancer received a Make A Wish on Friday to take a cruise to the Caribbean.

Snopek was marking the home stretch of a journey that began with a diagnosis of bone cancer, surgery and nine months of chemotherapy.

“I feel really good. I finished up all my treatment in June. I've been recovering I feel like I'm back to my good old self,” Anna Snopek, Cancer Survivor said.

The Make A Wish Foundation worked with Macy's for the special reveal. It included a makeover and a shopping spree.

“These are families and children's with life threatening medical conditions. If we can create a moment where they can forget about it. That's what warms our heart. That's why we do it," Christine Katrichis, Vice President, Macy's said.

This young fighter wasn't content to just back in the glow of all the praise and attention.

She wrote a letter to Santa as part of the National Believe Day at Macy's and brought along boxes of others .

“Make A Wish Wisconsin: She brought over 700 letters from her high school Waukesha North and Waukesha West also wrote letters. Because this is double donation day. For every letter received, Macy's will donate two dollars instead of one dollar,” Forrest Doolin said.

“I just said that I wanted all children to be happy.  Especially those going through hard things like chemotherapy. Just for their happiness,” said Anna.

“Anna's just an amazing kid.  She's kind loving. Always has been. This has helped her become even more of that," said Julie Snopek, Anna's Mother

Anna's key to keeping your spirits up appreciate the little things like waking up every morning. More 5500 wishes have been granted in wisconsin since 1984. This year alone 365 wishes that's a wish a day

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