Majority of common council supports the Streetcar, but final vote delayed until February

A majority of Common Council members voted in favor of the Milwaukee Streetcar Wednesday. But there was a procedural move to delay it until February 10. The vote was 10-5 in favor with Ald. Tony Zielinski voting in favor of it so he could also push it to next month.

Some aldermen passed on a chance to debate the issue Wednesday. Many said they've debated the issue enough and it's time to move on. Common Council President Michael Murphy had previously held out about whether or not he supported the streetcar. Wednesday he said he supports it but with reservations. He wants to give people more time to collect signatures that could force a referendum. He said it would be the height of arrogance if the council ignores the citizens.

Alderman Nik Kovac said the project is just a starting point for future expansion while Alderman Zielinski says there are more pressing needs in Milwaukee.

\"The extended system would be a great thing for the city,\" Kovac said. \"It would be a spine of our transit system.\"

\"These people and the taxpayers are fed up with wasteful spending like projects like this,\" Ald. Zielinski said.

The council will meet again February 10.

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