Major Ramps Reopen in Time for Monday Morning Commute

Two key ramps at the core of the Zoo Interchange are now open following a 2 week closure.

The I-94 eastbound exit ramp to Hwy 100 reopened 6 a.m.Saturday while the I-894/41 northbound exit ramp to Greenfield Ave. reopened early Sunday.  The ramps were closed in early July for utility work and ramp reconstruction.

A traffic switch is now in place along the I-894/41 northbound corridor in the same place that Zipper Merge #2 is.  Traffic is now shifted on a new roadway giving crews more room to work.  Drivers are urged to plan ahead as this traffic switch will shift from right to left along that route.

Be sure to follow @ABrovelli and watch the CBS 58 Morning News for the latest on the Zoo Interchange Project and other construction projects throughout southeastern WI. 

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