Lyft driver carjacked near Brady Street gets vehicle back

NOW: Lyft driver carjacked near Brady Street gets vehicle back

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A local Lyft driver got her car back after her vehicle was carjacked during a busy night on Brady Street last weekend in Milwaukee.

Margaret Nedow says she just stepped out of her car for a moment to wave down a passenger when a man jumped in and drove off. She went on Facebook to share photos in hopes someone would see it. 

On Sunday, Milwaukee Police called her to tell her they found her car about two and a half miles away at 23rd and Walnut. 

“I didn’t expect to get a call about it, I expected it to be gone forever," said Nedow. 

An MPD officer was out investigating another incident when he found a car key. 

“The officer actually went up and down the street clicking my key fob to see if it would blink at anything and my car blinked," said Nedow. 

The officer checked the VIN number and it was a match. 

"Overall I mean its way better than I expected it to come back I am just excited about it," said Nedow. 

When she got the car back, there was damage to the rear bumper and the stickers were scratched off.

On the inside, it smelled of smoke and there was trash scattered in the front and back seat. 

“It was pretty much an ashtray when I got it back," said Nedow.

Nedow says she is thankful to everyone who shared the story and the officer who found it. 

"They really did a great job and kept me on the loop with everything and exceeded my expectations," said Nedow. 

Her head is healing up from the incident and she is hoping to get back on the road soon. 

“I will hopefully drive for rideshare I don’t know if it will be Lyft anymore she still hasn’t gotten back to me with insurance but it is possible we will see," said Nedow. 

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