Reduced bond denied for Waukesha kidnapping suspect

NOW: Reduced bond denied for Waukesha kidnapping suspect


WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- It's every parents worst nightmare. A stranger grabs their child, claiming them as their own and tries to run off. It happened in late August in Waukesha as two women exited a city bus.

The suspect, Sharmika Hickles, remains jail after asking a judge to lower her $30,000 bond Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 18. The judge ruled against Hickles, stating his concern she is a flight risk.

On a sunny Friday in August, Sharmika Hickles boarded a bus. Seconds later, another woman and her 14-month-old got on, too. Just after 10, all three got off at the stop near Manhattan and Moreland. As the bus pulled away, surveillance video caught Hickles grabbing the baby from the mother's arms. Chaos erupted over 911.

"Baby, she's got my baby, she's got my baby," screamed a woman.

"The chick got off the bus and literally pulled the baby out of this other girl's arms," said another caller.

"That's not her baby, that's my baby," said a woman.

Police raced to the scene. The police report said Hickles assaulted the mother. When officers arrived, good Samaritans had the baby and were trying to keep Hickles away. She kept repeating the child was hers.

"That's my baby, she took her from the birthing center," said Hickles.

Police tried to get control.

"Get her away from my son," said Hickles.

"That's not her baby," said a bystander.

Police began sorting out what happened.

"I see her get off the bus and I see her take her baby and then she turned to her and was hitting her, and I said, "Hey you, stop, you get your hands off her' and I called the police," said the good Samaritan to police.

The mother got her baby boy back. Video showed her rocking him while sobbing. Hickles was arrested, still claiming the baby as hers.

"That's my baby," said Hickles in the back of the squad car.

Hickles does have a child. Court records show the child was placed into state custody. In 2014, Hickles tried to take her child during a supervised visit. At Wednesday's hearing, the prosecutor argued Hickles' bond should not be reduced.

"She had absolutely no knowledge of these victims, or the child, and she acted extremely violently," said the prosecutor.

Hickles has pleaded not guilty by insanity. She has undergone a psychological examination. She has another court date on Nov. 25.

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