Local Taverns Packing 'Em In When Green Bay Advances in the Post Season

Nobody's ever to attach specific numbers, but just look around your local corner bar on a Packers game day Sunday and business is really good.

Scott Stenger of the Tavern League of Wisconsin says the day of the playoff games is crucial.

"Saturdays are always going to be busy, but on a Sunday, when the Packers are playing and it's not at home, that's a tremendous boost for your neighborhood tavern."

Never was that more evident than at Scooter's in West Allis.

Standing room only and with complimentary food to entice football fans to linger.

Both Dallas and Green Bay fans gathered late Sunday to watch the game.

Many who came brought a dish from home to share.

"People like that atmosphere," Stenger told CBS 58 News. "Where its family and fun hanging out with friends. I can tell you the taverns here in Wisconsin are doing a lot better than the ones in Illinois."

Do you have a favorite hangout to watch the packers games?

Leave a comment and tell us why.

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