Local students join national movement to help boy with terminal cancer

NOW: Local students join national movement to help boy with terminal cancer

HALES CORNERS (CBS 58) – Christmas cards are flooding the mailbox of a little boy in Maine. Jacob is terminally ill and is not expected to make it to Christmas so some students in Hales Corners are taking part in the world-wide effort to help him celebrate early.

Second, third, and fourth graders from Hales Corners Elementary are now part of a national effort to put a smile on a little boy’s face, who they’ve never met.

“Dear Jacob, you rock,” reads Brody Skenandor.

Inside Ms. Seaman’s classroom a special project is taking place.

“Yeah, I want to make Jacob smile,” says Hailey Roser.

“Jacob was looking for Christmas cards for his last Christmas,” says Samantha Seaman, a special education teacher at Hales Corners Elementary.

Nine-year-old Jacob lives in Maine and he isn’t expected to live until Christmas.

So, at the end of October his family posted a plea on Facebook asking for Christmas cards for Jacob – so he could celebrate Christmas early.

That’s where Ms. Seaman’s students come in.

“By doing this, a lot of our kids have really understood what it means for someone else to feel happy,” explains Seaman. “Or how they feel and how they can make other people feel.’

“I know he is sick because he is not feeling well so we’re giving him cards for Christmas,” says student Shyann.

“I hope you feel better,” says student Brody.

This is the second batch of cards the group has sent to Jacob. The new batch of cards the students made was sent out Friday evening.
You can read the latest updates on Jacob by following his page here.

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