Local restaurant offers parents a discount if they have well-behaved children

Kids gone wild at restaurants. It's enough to frustrate customers and ruin their appetite. While some places are banning children altogether, a new local eatery is serving up their own policy to keep the peace.

This means savings for cash-strapped parents and every little bit helps. The incentive for kids to mind their P's and Q's at the dinner table is a way for the restaurant to encourage a family-friendly atmosphere.

The Explorium Brewpub in Greendale at Southridge Mall offers 16 craft beers on tap. Families can toast to some quality time, even with the kids. Dad Matthew Byrge says it can be a challenge sometimes dining out with his 6-year-old and 7-year-old.

\"I'm expected to be kicked out because of sometimes how they behave,\" Byrge said.

But he doesn't expect to be rewarded when the kids are on the best behavior though the thought is nice. 

Owner Mike Doble offers a well-behaved child discount. It's 10% off the kid's menu items. The bonus is clearly marked on the final bill.

\"Most of the time the reaction is surprised. They see it on there and they're like wow, really?\" Doble said.

The criteria is quite simple. If families have a good time and the kids aren't running around the restaurant, they'll earn the discount. Doble says the deal is meant to be a fun incentive, not a punishment. 

\"Every kid, my kids have bad days and when they were younger. I remember some disasters we created in restaurants. We don't ever want parents to feel bad about that.\" Still Doble recognizes it's a fine line balancing the needs of all his guests.

That's why folks like Diane Lau like the idea.

\"You have to be aware of other people. A lot of times it seems as if people aren't aware of the other people around them at all. So, that's kind of a big deal,\" said dinner guest Diane Lau. 

If there are any issues, staff are trained to interact with kids to ease the situation.

\"Very seldom do we not see a family earn that discount.\"

The well-behaved child discount is an incentive restaurants across the country are also using. We checked for other places in our area that offer it, but didn't find any. 

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